Insurance Protection Designed to Cover Volusia County

The vibrancy of Volusia County shines through – from beaches spanning the Atlantic Ocean to the shores of the St. Johns River. At King Insurance, we’re focused on protecting the residents and businesses within this region, confirming a light is placed on risk exposures relevant to them.

Together, we can work to reduce the financial impact of loss in Volusia County. Our agents recognize the importance of keeping communities in this area – Deltona, Daytona Beach, and Ormond Beach - prospering on a long-term basis.

Digitally-Focused Services, Accessible to Deltona, Daytona Beach, and Ormond Beach Residents

Although our home office is located in neighboring Gainesville, Florida, the digital presence of our company extends into Volusia County. As an agency, we recognize our clients are busy with their daily lives; therefore, we don’t expect them to interrupt their activities to visit our office space in person. Working digitally, our clients can sign, seal, and deliver documents from the comfort of their home or business in Volusia County. Payments can also be handled digitally.  

Our agents stay up-to-date on not only the latest insurance trends and regulations, but also technology which can streamline our procedures. Overall, we want to make our protection available to as many qualified Floridians as possible in an efficient, timely manner.

Insurance Coverages We Promote

Whether you’re seeking coverage for your Volusia County home or business, we offer insurance programs customizable to your needs. Our personal insurance program is structured around essential coverages, such as homeowners insurance and auto insurance, while commercial insurance is an investment accessible for Volusia County businesses.

To shine a light on the insurance products and services available, contact an agent to request a quote.

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