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Comprehensive Aviation Insurance Coverage

We are here to give avid aviators the peace of mind they need to enjoy the freedom of flight. King Insurance Partners provides comprehensive aviation and aircraft insurance coverage to protect policyholders against liability and monetary loss. Whether for a personal or commercial aircraft, an experienced aviation insurance broker with our insurance agency can help you find an aviation insurance plan to protect you and your aircraft.

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By Aviators, For Aviators

Each broker holds a Bachelor of Science degree in aviation and is an FAA certified pilot. Our brokers bring a wealth of experience from all different sectors of the aviation industry. Having previously worked as an aviation underwriter, certified flight instructor, charter pilot, or dispatcher, our brokers are seasoned aviation professionals. Using these past experiences, our brokers possess a deep understanding of the industry and are able to mitigate risk based on each client’s individual needs.

We also contribute insurance-related articles to trade publications, like “The Aviation Consumer” and “Twin and Turbine.” We are active on the Board of Directors of the Aviation Insurance Association (AIA), sit on various trade group committees, present educational seminars, and WINGS presentations. We train annually and are actively involved in FAA safety programs. We believe in general aviation, we take part in it, and we try to give something back to it.

General Aviation Insurance

King Insurance Partners provides comprehensive general aviation insurance to help you enjoy your freedom of flight! We draw upon our past experiences as aviation enthusiasts, educators, and students to bring the collective wisdom of over 80 years of aviation brokerage experience to negotiate the best insurance deals tailored to personal and commercial clients of all sizes.

Robinson Helicopter Insurance Program

We offer specialized coverage for the helicopter industry!

Our program is specifically designed to meet the needs of qualified Robinson Helicopter owners and operators and is underwritten by Starr Aviation, one of the most prominent aviation carriers in the industry with an A rating from A.M. Best & Company. Our program covers Robinson R-22’s and R-44’s for both private owners and commercial operators.

Some of our Program Advantages Include:

  • Low premiums.
  • No claims bonus up to 15% off at renewal.
  • Open to individual owners, flight schools, and commercial operators.
  • No hourly depreciation of your helicopter.
  • Provides commercial operators with the Domestic Liability coverage required by many contracts.
  • Fleet discounts for operators with 3 or more helicopters.
  • Fleet operators may add and delete helicopters on a pro-rata basis.

This program rewards safety-minded pilots and owners with a lower initial premium and a unique “no claims bonus” towards their future renewal premium. To ensure that pilots in this program are safer than average, each pilot who enrolls must complete an annual audit with a CFI specifically approved by the insurance company. Pilots can also use this audit as an opportunity to obtain their BFR. The Audit will include a review of operating procedures, maintenance procedures, and a pilot evaluation form.

Whatever their missions, Robinson pilots all share a need for fairly priced, comprehensive aviation insurance.

Unmanned Aerial Systems Insurance Coverage

As the use of UAS’s throughout the world mushrooms, and unmanned systems are increasingly integrated with manned aircraft, insurance for operators and manufacturers has become essential. We work with all of the aerospace insurers here in the US.

Options are available for loss of physical damage to your drone and for your legal liability arising out of its operation. Standard coverage is extended to include war and other perils (such as hi-jack or malicious damage), personal injury and much more. Our Unmanned Aircraft Insurance provides broad physical damage and more, designed to meet the needs of these unmanned aircraft.

Whether you are a research institution, a manufacturer, photographer, or an end user of UAS’s, we can provide you with comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to reduce your risk and provide an insurance policy specific to your work and your next job.

Aviation Insurance Coverages

Aviation insurance comprises insurance coverages geared specifically toward the risks of aviation and the operation of aircraft and related businesses. Our experienced insurance agents are committed to understanding the nuances of specific industries and will devote themselves to building an insurance plan that combines the types of coverages essential to businesses within the aviation industry and those with personal aircraft. We can provide general aviation insurance, helicopter insurance, insurance for unmanned aerial systems, and more! By bundling different insurance coverages, our team can tailor a customized aviation insurance policy that fits your unique needs.

King Insurance Partners offers customizable and comprehensive aviation insurance policies for the following.


  • Light Aircraft
  • Seaplanes
  • Jets
  • Vintage/Warbirds Aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Owner-flown Turbine Aircraft
  • Drones & UAV’s

Aviation & Aerospace Liability

  • Charter & Management Companies
  • Corporate Aircraft Owners
  • Owners & Non-owners
  • Student Renter Liability
  • Aircraft Rentals
  • Flight Schools
  • Manufacturers Products Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Agricultural Spraying
  • Commercial Airlines
  • Airports
  • Hangars
  • Helicopter Tours
  • Aircraft Repair & Maintenance

Putting Clients First

No one likes to think about it, but part of what you are paying us for as your representative is for claims service – and it starts with us. Because not all claims happen during office hours, we have a mobile claims phone which is monitored by one of our staff. We will endeavor to return your call within 15 minutes. We will follow up the next day to make certain that a company representative has contacted you, and that things are going smoothly. We will continue to call you weekly to make sure your claim is on track. Based upon our years of experience with all sorts of claims, we can help you through all types of claims. We are usually the first people you call when you have a claim, and we stay with you all the way through it. Whether you are buying your first aircraft or have been flying for years, we can help you over the insurance hurdle.

Coverage Tailored to Your Needs

Considering stepping up into your first turbine? Our Aviation Division has been helping owners make the move into turbines for decades. We can work with you to put together a package of training and initial operating experience that will get you over the hurdles of insurance for turbo-props and owner-flown jets. We also have access to sources of excess liability coverage so that you won’t have to bet the farm every time you fly.

We are also experienced insuring corporate flight departments. We understand the complexity of the daily operations of companies who fly in support of their business, having covered it for over 30 years (and since we do it ourselves). King Insurance Partners can help you to understand the insurance you are buying. Our brokers try to visit each of our corporate clients annually. We think it is important to meet with flight department people, as well as the head office people who write the check. We can also help you with things such as hangar leases, engine lease contracts, and the like. Our clients operate all kinds of corporate airplanes and helicopters, both domestically and abroad. We have also helped our clients through a wide array of claims, including ingestion, hail, ramp strikes, lightning, and theft.

We Are Here for You!

Whether you are buying your first aircraft or have been flying for years, we can help you over the insurance hurdle. From helping you decide the amount of coverage for your airplane to determining what is an adequate limit of liability, our pilot-brokers will take the time to make sure that you understand what your choices are, what you have bought, and that it is right for you. We are aircraft owners ourselves, so we know the drill.

Our team of qualified insurance specialists are here to help you create a customized and comprehensive aviation insurance package designed to match your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more or to request a free, no-obligation quote.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“When I opened my business several years ago, I needed to start a relationship with an insurance agency. I had the good fortune of being assigned to Chris Arnold from the aviation division at King as my account representative, and his attention to detail and behind the scenes mechanics of keeping my coverage relevant to the needs of my business has made all the difference. In the past three years I have moved from one airplane to nine and Chris has been there at every step to ensure success. I can’t thank the team enough for their service.”

Paul Beaulieu

“Their knowledge and experience in the industry has made them a huge asset to our business over the last 20 years. Whether it’s getting us the best rates, or advising us on the appropriate coverage for our sometimes complex needs, they advocate for our business and always see that we get the best the industry has to offer.”

Ryan Gauthier

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Options are available for loss of physical damage to your drone and for your legal liability arising out of its operation. Standard coverage is extended to include war and other perils (such as hi-jack or malicious damage), personal injury (including invasion of privacy) and much more.

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