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Big I Best Practices Agency 2022

We at King Insurance Partners want to make sure that you have all of the information needed to make sure that you can make the best decisions when it comes to not only your insurance, but what you insure! From tips about your home and cars to business information and anything in between, we are here to help you! Come back to the site regularly to make sure that you have the latest updates.

Stay Safe in the Summer Heat

Making sure that you stay safe on the job is important, but a lot of people don’t think about the elements that they are working in. Heat illness can be a major factor to those who work outdoors or in high temperature environments. Everything from construction and landscaping to restaurant kitchens or bakeries, being in high temperatures situations can cause severe damages. These heat related illnesses can also cause a lower rate in productivitiy, increased accident rates, illnesses, and even fatalities. Use this PDF to help make sure you and your team are aware of the risks and ways to prevent heat related illnesses.

The Perfect Solution for your Artisan Contractors

Your work is your craft, and you put your all into what you create. From carpentry and masonry to electrical work and plumbing, making sure the foundation of whatever you are building is your top priority. Shouldn’t that be the same for your business? By working with King Insurance Partners and BizGUARD, we can make sure that your business is secure so you can focus on what you love. This PDF can help explain why switching coverage could help you.

Key take-aways:

Making Your Boat Go the Extra (Nautical) Mile for You:

Taking to the water is a great way to get out in nature. Whether that be in the ocean, lakes, or rivers, we want to make sure your boat (and those onboard) stay safe and secure so you can focus on enjoying your time on the water. This PDF can help with updates done to your boat and how your insurance can change and keep you better protected.

Key take-aways:

Sued for Wrongful Termination? These are the Riskiest States for Employment Lawsuits in 2015

Are you wondering if your business is at risk from employee lawsuits? The United States has a 12% higher risk of having an employee file charges against their employer. Make sure that your business stays safe by using the PDF below:

States with the highest employee lawsuit risk

Sinkholes and Catastrophic Ground Collapse:

Did you know that Florida has the most sinkholes in the country? Are you covered if you have a sinkhole on your property? This PDF better explains what exactly a sinkhole is and how to make sure that you and your belongings are covered.

Key take-aways:

Hurricane Safety for Homeowners:

Florida is a beautiful, from the beaches and coasts to the Everglades and everything in between. However, there is also a good amount of danger that comes from living in paradise. Hurricanes and tropical storms are a serious issue for Floridians. This helpful PDF reminds you about the importance of updating your policy and staying safe when a hurricane hits.

Key take-aways:

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