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Big I Best Practices Agency 2022
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Who We Are

King Insurance Partners is a trailblazer in the insurance industry. The modern-day King organization holds a legacy of generational family devotion to the industry, its business, and the people who make up our organization. Fueled by BHMS Investments, a unique partnership has been cultivated, resulting in an organization with accelerated growth that firmly positions us among the top US 100 broker list. We continue to passionately seek out partnership opportunities while practicing strict pricing discipline and searching for partners who maintain similar values to those in our organization. Take the first step in planning for the future of your organization.

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Why King?

King Insurance Partners has built a foundation on three principal pillars: operational excellence, playing at a higher level, and teamwork and collaboration. These ideals are our guiding light, and we strive for all of our operational and strategic initiatives to be held against these principles to guide our decision making and maintain our growth trajectory. Furthermore, agency partners with solid leadership teams can receive King equity as a portion of their transaction! Sharing in the future equity value created as King Insurance Partners continues to grow ensures parallel alignment of our values.

Operational Excellence

A Best Practices Agency

Seven Years & counting

Since 1993, Reagan Consulting and the Big “I” have partnered to produce the Best Practices Study, a comprehensive examination of the top-performing agencies across the country. The study compiles benchmarking data on agency performance and value metrics, including revenue growth and profitability, financial stability, expense management, and sales and operations productivity.

Since 2016, King Insurance Partners has been recognized annually for seven consecutive years by receiving the Best Practice award. Moreover, in 2021, King was named “Top Performer,” the best among those recognized. We stand by our commitment to award-winning excellence from both an insurance agency and a business perspective.

Big I Best Practices Agency 2022

Not Just A Best Practices Insurance Agency

A Best Practices Business

Beyond being a “best practices agency” we strive to be a “best practices business.” Our philosophy extends to developing and constantly improving our systems and approach to our processes, our people and continually seeking to improve how we get things done. This means developing master documents and checklists which help institutionalize steps which enhance the success of our organization and team members.

Play A Bigger Game

"If you want to go fast, go alone.   If you want to go far, go together"

We actively seek out and recruit team members who yearn to play at a higher level than they are currently able. As we expand, so do our operations, and we actively pair our team members with these opportunities to grow.

Furthermore, each agency that joins us has unique personal relationships, team members, and regional expertise that are key to our success. We have built a network of experts in local markets and specialized service verticals, with expert knowledge of a wide range of industries that deepens our collective expertise and carrier access. Together we bring more to our clients than we could alone.

Pointing Arrows

Unprecedented Operational Growth Opportunities For You And Your Team

Expand your market and unlock new cross sell and location­-based opportunities. With our continuously expanding specialties, there will be prolific cross-sales opportunities with the expertise we can offer together. Additionally, leverage our depth in other verticals to bring new value and opportunity to your best clients.

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New Regions To Target

Our acquisition pipeline is constantly refilling, with multiple acquisitions each month. With new locations, bring new sales opportunities and new ways to leverage each other.

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More Service Verticals

With every agency acquired, our specialties expand. From aviation, to medical malpractice, and everything in between, if you need to write it, we can help.

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Local Service With National Resources

As we grow, we will continue to prioritize the strength of our local relationships and service. While we have the resources and expertise of a Top-100 broker, we utilize them to deliver a best­in-class level of service to our local clients.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Unlock Access To Operational Resources You Always Wished You Had

Free your staff to focus on your clients needs and growing your book of business by utilizing our network of support.

From staff training resources to administrative support, we work and support each other as a team, focusing on raising each other up. Integrating our administrative and back-office support systems allows insurance people to do what they are best at — provide helpful counsel and advice to our clients. We collaborate as a team of experts with unique subject matter depth and expertise to provide our clients with unparalleled resources and wisdom.

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HR Management

Recruiting, On boarding and Management

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IT Infrastructure

Reliable and Secure IT Infrastructure & Support

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CSR University

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Accounting & Billing

Accounting Billing Support

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Employee Benefits

Large Group Eligibility Opportunity For Improved Compensation & Commission Structure

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Administrative Support

Correspondence, Licensing and Reporting

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Carrier Resources

Insurance Marketing Department 300+ Strong National & Regional Center Relationships

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Marketing & Communications

Targeted Campaigns, Marketing Materials, Online Reputation Management, Website & Social Media Management, SEO, Press Releases

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