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King Insurance Partners provides insurance to Alarm Contractors in Gainesville, Ocala, Tampa, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, and surrounding areas.

Security installation companies are diligent in protecting their clients from threats, but alarm contractors face a number of challenges due to the accountability of their services. Unfortunately, installation and continuous service for your customers can leave you and your business vulnerable to potential pitfalls without proper coverage. At King Insurance Partners, we can work with you to find coverage for all aspects of your business, from errors committed during installation, property damage, and much more.

With alarm installation insurance, we protect you! Contact King Insurance Partners today to discuss our flexible business insurance plans and receive a free, no-obligation quote.

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What Security Contractors Are Covered?

Security contractors face unique risks while protecting their clients. Any mistake, possibly out of your control, can result in expensive out-of-pocket costs that threaten your livelihood. No matter how you serve your clients, we’ve got you covered!

  • Fire Alarm Installers
  • Burglary Alarm Installers
  • Access Control Installers
  • CCTV Installers
  • Commercial Security Companies
  • Residential Security Companies
  • Security Alarms Sales & Service

Business Insurance For Alarm Companies

As a security company, your reputation means a lot. Whether an employee makes a mistake on a job site or your business is burglarized, it can be costly and possibly bankrupt your company. We offer an array of business insurance policies to cover every aspect of your business, from on-the-job litigation, property damage, and even workman’s comp.

Professional Security Insurance Company

If you are interested in learning more about alarm installation insurance, contact our alarm insurance agency to speak to one of our experienced business insurance agents!

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