Commercial Auto Insurance

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Commercial Fleet Insurance

King Insurance Partners understands the value of your commercial vehicles and the employees who drive them. From trips across the country to local deliveries and promotions, your mobile business fleet takes on the open road to keep operations running smoothly — but accidents do happen.

Insuring your vehicles, products and drivers provides a safeguard against property or vehicle damage, bodily injuries, legal costs and more in the event of an accident. When you choose commercial auto insurance from King Insurance Partners, we work with you to create a customized policy that may include:

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Peace of Mind for Businesses on the Road

Because commercial auto insurance coverage has variations, it is important to discuss your business’ options with a specialist at King Insurance Partners who can help you determine the proper amount of coverage for all your commercial needs.

Auto insurance is an essential financial investment that will keep your business covered. The next time your fleet takes the road, make sure it is protected with a commercial auto policy from King Insurance Partners.

What Is Commercial Fleet Insurance?

Commercial fleet insurance provides liability coverage for all company vehicles in one policy. Company vehicles may include buses, passenger vehicles, and tractor-trailers owned by the business. Personal vehicles owned by employees aren’t covered, even if employees use them for company errands.

Is Fleet Insurance Expensive?

The cost of commercial insurance for fleet vehicles depends on many factors, including employee driving records, the number of vehicles are on the policy, and the level of insurance coverage. King Insurance Partners can create a policy tailored to your business needs that also fits your budget.

Can I Save Money on Commercial Fleet Insurance?

Possibly. Bundling commercial auto insurance with other business insurance policies through King Insurance Partners is one way to reduce premium costs. Discounts may also be available for having GPS devices installed in vehicles, specific payment plans, and more. Your King Insurance Partners agent can explore what discounts are applicable to your commercial fleet.

Tips for Maintaining Your Fleet of Vehicles

The best way to reduce the cost of a fleet of vehicles is with regular maintenance, and turning maintenance into a habit is easy with these tips.

Develop A Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Preventive maintenance, such as brake inspections, oil changes, and regular alignment checks, for a fleet of vehicles can be a hassle if it’s not properly scheduled. Putting vehicles on a maintenance schedule provides your employees with safer vehicles to drive. It also increases the functional longevity of the fleet, postponing the need to replace vehicles.

Encourage Employees to Report Vehicle Issues

The sooner employees who drive the vehicles can report any issues, the sooner maintenance and repairs can be done. Irregular noises, warning lights, and other issues should be reported as early as possible.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

There are many fleet management programs available that track the maintenance schedule of an entire fleet. Most programs and software can be set up to alert you when a vehicle is due for maintenance.

Businesses That May Need Commercial Fleet Insurance

If your business has more than one vehicle or more than one type of vehicle, you need fleet insurance for businesses. With this type of insurance, every vehicle is covered under one policy, allowing you to save on premium expenses without sacrificing coverage. The following are examples of businesses that benefit greatly from fleet insurance.


Catering companies often need multiple vehicles to deliver food to events. Commercial vehicle insurance is important to not only meet state requirements but also protect employees and property in the event of an accident. King Insurance Partners works to keep vehicles and the employees driving them to and from catering events covered!

Door-to-Door Sales

Companies engaged in door-to-door sales or any other type of canvassing activity related to the business also benefit from this type of coverage. Fleet insurance protects any equipment inside the vehicle, whether it’s en route or parked at the time of the accident. Since door-to-door sales employees drive many miles for the company, commercial auto insurance can safeguard against collisions, uninsured motorists, and other risks to reduce the company’s liability.

Rental Car Companies

Rental car companies can be traditional rental agencies serving travelers or automotive body and repair shops that loan vehicles to customers. King Insurance Partners works with more than 20 different carriers and is able to create custom fleet insurance policies for any rental car company. Contact us today to learn more!

Sanitation Departments

No matter the size of a sanitation department, there’s a need for comprehensive fleet vehicle insurance. Though garbage trucks and other vehicles used by sanitation departments are usually privately owned, they’re considered commercial vehicles. Insurance policies for these vehicles usually include coverage for commercial auto liability, general liability, and property and premises.

Street Sweepers

A street sweeping company has specific commercial fleet insurance needs due to the range of vehicles utilized on a daily basis. King Insurance Partners can create a policy that accounts for the number of sweepers and other company vehicles, along with other environmental regulations, such as pollution liability.

HVAC & Plumbing Companies

For service-focused companies, such as HVAC and plumbing, business hours are flexible. In fact, these companies’ vehicles are often on the road, traveling to customers at all hours. HVAC and plumbing professionals assist their customers, and King Insurance Partners helps these companies do their job with fleet insurance for businesses.

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