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These days, cell phones are integral to modern life. They hold our contacts, schedules, personal photos, music, and much more. When a phone is lost or damaged, it can have far-reaching consequences that affect every part of our lives. Insurance agents at King Insurance Partners understand how vital your cell phone is to your daily life. That’s why we offer cell phone insurance. Located in Gainesville, FL, we offer policies in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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Do I Need Cell Phone Insurance?

Unlike most other personal possessions that require specialized property insurance, cell phones travel with us everywhere, exposing them to all sorts of risks. Almost everyone has dropped their phone at some point in their lives, resulting in spiderweb-like cracks across the surface of their smartphone. This is frustrating, unsightly, and can make a phone difficult — even impossible — to use.

Most phones and other important electronic devices come equipped with a standard warranty. Unfortunately, these warranties generally cover only manufacturer defects. Additionally, most warranties only cover phones for the first 12 months after purchase. For extended coverage, or for cracked screens, loss, theft, and liquid damage, additional cell phone insurance coverage is necessary. Considering how vulnerable cell phones are to damage, cell phone insurance is generally a worthwhile investment. These plans are particularly useful for families with children age 12 or younger, who may be particularly prone to dropping or losing their phones, as well as anyone who uses a cell phone for work or business.

What Does Cell Phone Insurance Cover?

Standard smartphone warranties cover hardware malfunction and manufacturing defects. However, any smartphone owner knows that those are far from the only misfortunes that can befall a cell phone. Our insurance company offers cell phone insurance that provides coverage in case of:

How Can Cell Phone Insurance Save Money?

Cell service providers now offer consumers two payment options: pay the full cost of the phone upfront or over time in monthly installments. Customers who choose to pay in monthly installments and later lose or break their phones are still required to make the remaining payments. If they purchase a new phone, they may be left making payments on both the lost/broken phone and their replacement phone. With cell phone insurance, the cost of the replacement phone is already covered.

Providing You Options

As an independent insurance company, we are not committed to an individual insurance carrier. This allows our insurance agents to create the personalized insurance plan that’s best for you and your lifestyle. Request a quote today to get started on a policy.

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