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King Insurance Partners specializes in industry-specific coverage, so your business is properly protected. Business insurance specifically designed to accommodate the needs of a law firm will better protect your business than generic insurance coverage. Insurance for law firms protects the firm owner from the unique risks that attorneys face.

Here at King Insurance Partners, we understand the importance of protecting the business you have worked hard for from liability. Contact King Insurance Partners today to discuss our flexible industry-specific insurance plans and receive a free, no-obligation quote.

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What Coverage Is Necessary?

All businesses are vulnerable to liability concerns and need the proper insurance to protect themselves. There are several common threats to law firms that insurance can protect against. Law firms obtain and store sensitive information about their clients, such as social security numbers, medical records, and financial information. Cyber liability insurance, also known as data breach insurance, helps protect your business if this information is lost or stolen. Another common liability is personal injury to a client in the office. If a client or employee is injured in the office, you will need the proper business insurance to cover the damages.

Coverage Options

We make it easy to add and customize the insurance coverage your business needs. Check out some of our coverage options for law firms below.

How Our Insurance Agents Can Help

It is important to protect your business assets and provide coverage to your employees and clients in the event of an incident. King Insurance Partners provides law firm insurance solutions at great value. Our experienced and knowledgeable agents provide in-depth consultations to answer any questions you may have regarding your business insurance coverage. Contact a representative at King Insurance Partners today and set up a consultation.

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