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Moving abroad? Don’t let your car and personal belongings go uncovered while you settle into your new home. King Insurance Partners provides overseas insurance plans to give you the peace of mind you need while living abroad. Whether you are looking for an automobile or a life insurance policy that works in other countries, King Insurance Partners has options for you. Get a free, no-obligation overseas insurance quote today!

What Is Overseas Insurance?

Whereas travel insurance focuses on providing you with coverage for travel-related expenses — such as flight cancellations and medical emergencies while abroad — overseas insurance provides you with the same level of personal coverage you would get in the United States but in another country and for longer periods of time. That means your automobile and home are well-protected against loss or damages even while you start your new life thousands of miles away.

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Why Should I Get Overseas Insurance?

To Protect Your New Home

Much like our stateside home insurance plans, our overseas insurance coverage protects you from paying for unexpected home-related incidents such as leaks, fires, hail, and other damages to your property, as well as any injuries you might have suffered as a result — the difference being that overseas plans are designed to work in other countries. This makes settling into your new home a whole lot easier.

To Protect Your Automobile

Regular car insurance is great, but it doesn’t cover you when you are driving to your new awesome job in Madrid. If you have decided to accept that high-paying job abroad and want to bring your trusted car with you, you should start thinking about a car insurance plan that works wherever you’re going. Fortunately, King Insurance Partners has overseas insurance plans to protect you against automobile-related incidents so you can feel safer and more confident driving to the new office.

To Protect Your Loved Ones

Protecting the ones you love knows no nationality, so get a life insurance policy that will follow you to your new destination. At King Insurance Partners, we work with you to keep your family protected in the event of an untimely death even when you live far away from them.

Overseas Insurance Plans By King Insurance Partners

Not all travel insurance plans offer the benefits you need. That’s why King Insurance Partners works with its customers to construct individualized policies with benefits that cater to their needs. If you are planning on moving to another country, contact us today to learn more about our overseas insurance plans and how they may be the perfect fit for you.

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