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Fetching Protection for Your Furbabies

Whether jogging down the street or cruising down the coast, a trusted companion is a welcome addition to any adventure. All it takes is a simple wag of a tail or hum of a purr for the day to propel ahead without a cloud in the sky.

As a pet owner, you have a responsibility to return this undivided attention through proper care. Similar to how a child relies on their parent, pets look toward their owner for security. Your pet instills trust in you. At King Insurance Partners, you can instill trust in us to keep your furry friend covered – from nose to tail – with comprehensive pet insurance.

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Insurance Coverage Designed for Four-Legged Friends

If you’re the proud owner of a dog, cat, or other pet, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve paid a costly visit to the veterinarian. The health of your pet is a primary concern; therefore, recurring visits to the vet are a common occurrence. Keep in mind, these trips are not cheap, and costs can add up quickly.

The setup of pet insurance is often very similar to the framework of human health insurance, with deductibles, premiums, and co-pays included. Our agents work with a selection of pet-approved insurance companies, focused on seamlessly managing claims. The cloud-based system offered by Figo is a great example of this ease of doing business, with paperless access to pet insurance information, medical records, and claims available.

In some cases, a homeowners policy will extend to encompass liability protection for your pet. However, a pet insurance policy is required to compensate veterinary attention. Again in line with human health insurance, the cost of medical coverage is largely dependent on the age of the insured pet. At King Insurance Partners, we recommend starting your puppy, kitten, or other new family member on a plan early – before chronic or reoccurring conditions appear.

The state of Florida hosts strict liability statutes against dog owners. A majority of liability claims instituted are caused by dog bites. Florida does not recognize a one-bite rule; therefore, even if your dog has never bitten anyone, you can still be deemed responsible for injuries caused by the dog. We’ll work with you to determine the most fitting coverage for your canine, including coverage for dogs with a history of aggression.

From basic coverage to a comprehensive plan, there are various selections available for your companion. Our agents will review the options, and fetch the most accurate, cost-effective pet policy.

Friendly, Thoughtful Humans Caring for Your Pets

We love our clients almost as much as we love our pets. As an independent insurance agency, our leash isn’t tied to a singular insurance carrier. This affords our agents the flexibility to truly personalize policies for each client and their pet.

Give our agents a bark to learn more about the pet insurance plans accessible at King Insurance Partners. If you’re interested in a real treat, request a quote to start on a policy.

At King Insurance Partners, we’re licensed to serve a selection of states, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. 

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