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Whether they ride to save on gas, be environmentally friendly, or just have fun, most scooter drivers share a common truth: the transportation laws in their state of residence require them to have scooter insurance. King Insurance Partners insures mopeds and scooters under our motorcycle insurance policies. We cover gasoline-powered scooters with engines from 50cc to 500cc or larger. Our agency also offers electric scooter insurance — if your two-wheel ride is street legal, we’ll probably insure it. To get insurance for your moped or scooter, contact us for a free quote today.

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Do I Need Scooter Insurance?

The answer is probably yes. Most state’s transportation laws require scooter riders to have liability coverage for any scooter that has an engine larger than 49ccs, travels over a certain speed (usually 20 m.p.h.), or otherwise rides along with street traffic. It’s easy to find the insurance requirements where you live through an online search; your local department of motor vehicles website is a trusted source. Alternatively, our insurance agents can advise you on the scooter laws where you live.

Scooter Insurance Coverage Options

Liability insurance usually covers bodily injury and property damage caused by scooters. There are also optional coverages, such as comprehensive and collision as well as protection for scooter contents. Our insurance company provides scooter liability insurance and several other types of coverage options that fit any budget, circumstances, or legal requirements.

Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability Insurance

The cornerstone of a scooter insurance policy with Kings Insurance is liability coverage, which is mandatory in most states. In the event of a scooter accident in which the scooter rider or driver is at fault, the liability insurance reimburses the affected motorist(s) for any expenses resulting from the accident. Bodily injury coverage pays for medical costs caused by injuries to other drivers or their passengers, while property damage coverage pays for destruction to other vehicles or nearby property — including signs, fences, parked cars, and more. Liability insurance also covers legal expenses in the event the scooter rider is sued because of an accident.

Comprehensive & Collision Insurance

Comprehensive coverage and collision insurance cover scooter repairs in the event of damage as well as the cost to replace the scooter if it’s totaled or stolen. While comprehensive and collision are two optional types of coverage, if a scooter is your sole means of transportation, or if you value peace-of-mind on the road, these valuable policy add-ons are worth having. Most comprehensive and collision insurance has a deductible that is paid before reimbursements kick in. Typically, the higher the deductible, the lower the monthly insurance costs. Our insurance agents can help you determine the ideal coverage level and payments.

Carried Belongings Insurance Coverage

There are two ways in which people lose belongings on scooters. The first is by dropping an item that gets lost or broken as a result, such as a smartphone (gadgets can also be damaged from riding in the rain). The second way property is lost on scooters and mopeds is due to theft, like when a helmet is stolen off the handlebars, or someone breaks into the storage compartment below the seat. Whether your personal items are dropped while you ride, the items become wet due to rain, or your belongings are stolen from the two-wheel motor vehicle, King Insurance Partners has coverage options to protect each of the items that you ride with.

How Do I Get A Scooter Insurance Price Quote?

Contact King Insurance Partners for a fast and easy scooter insurance quote! It’s that simple. To quote you an accurate price, we’ll need some information about your ride, such as the make and model, the model year, its engine specs (gas or electric? how many ccs?), whether you’ve made modifications, and where you plan to ride.

Here are some of the most common scooters we insure:

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