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The last thing you need while on vacation is to worry about damaged or missing property. Fortunately, with a travel trailer insurance policy from King Insurance Partners, you can leave your worries back home and enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Get coverage for a wide range of common hazards, including collisions, lightning, flooding, landslides, wild animals, fire, and smoke. Customize your policy according to your needs with coverage for permanently installed accessories, such as awnings, antennas, and satellite dishes.

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What Is A Travel Trailer?

Travel trailers are non-motorized recreational vehicles typically hauled by a truck or SUV. They are praised for their versatility and customizability and can house anywhere from two to ten people, making them the ideal choice for vacation-goers.

Travel trailers come in various shapes and sizes, featuring all sorts of amenities, including bedrooms, bathtubs, and indoor kitchens. Perhaps the travel trailer’s greatest appeal is the ease with which travelers can detach the trailer from their motor vehicle to explore the area.

Do I Need Insurance For My Travel Trailer?

While the law does not require insurance for recreational vehicles such as travel trailers, it’s strongly recommended. Please note that auto and homeowners’ insurance will not cover your travel trailer under most circumstances, including collisions and theft. Additionally, most RV financers require new owners to acquire insurance.

Travel Trailer Insurance Cost

As is the case for other types of RV insurance, the cost for travel trailer insurance varies depending on multiple factors, including the owner’s age, primary address, driving history, coverage selection, and the year, make, and model of the recreational vehicle. Our insurance agents will help you find the right type of coverage for your needs to help you save money.

What Does Travel Trailer Insurance Cover?

Travel trailers come in various shapes, prices, and sizes to accommodate travelers with different needs. Similarly, your RV insurance policy can be tailor-made to your needs and budget. The following include some of the most common types of coverage available for travel trailers.

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