Unoccupied House Insurance

Peace Of Mind, Even When You're Away

Homeowners insurance serves as a protection to residential properties and the personal property within these structures in the case of damage or burglary. But if a homeowner moves and attempts to sell their former residence, if they only use the property for a couple of months out of the year, or if they travel frequently and leave their home unoccupied, their home may not be covered by their insurance policy. Ensure that your vacant or unoccupied residential property is protected through unoccupied house insurance from King Insurance. Our unoccupied house insurance providers can help you get a policy with liability, peril, and vandalism coverage. For more information about vacant home insurance, contact us for a free quote today.

Unoccupied Vs. Vacant Home

A vacant home is one that is empty — it contains little to no furniture or personal property, and the property’s utilities may have been disconnected. The vacant home may be in need of repairs and appliances are either missing or have yet to be installed.

An unoccupied home, at minimum, still contains enough furniture and personal property for an individual to be able to occupy it immediately. This type of property comprises a bed, couch, chairs, tables, and connected utilities. More often than not, an unoccupied home is fully furnished and equipped but has nobody in residence.

Insurance companies view differently unoccupied and vacant homes, but homeowners of either type require special coverage beyond their standard homeowners policy. Our insurance agents can advise you on the best plan to keep your residential property protected during your absence or the extended vacancy of the residential property.

Do I Need Unoccupied & Vacant Home Insurance?

The answer is probably yes. Vacant and unoccupied homes are generally considered high-risk properties by insurance companies, as these properties are prime targets for theft and vandalism. In the cast of perils, such as fire and weather-related damage, emergency response times may also be delayed as there is nobody on the property to promptly notify authorities of issues. If you plan on leaving your property unoccupied for long stretches, you will likely require unoccupied and vacant home insurance. If you are renovating your home; renting or selling the home; if it is a vacation home; or if you are in the hospital for a lengthy period of time, you require vacant home insurance to ensure protection to your residential property. Fix-and-flip investors, or investors who purchase a home with the intention of updating the property for profit, and rental property investors, both require unoccupied and vacant home insurance, too.

What Does Vacant Home Insurance Cover?

Insurance policies for vacant and unoccupied homes generally includes the following protections. Our insurance company provides unoccupied house insurance that fit any budget and accommodate any circumstances and legal requirements. We can also help add vacant property insurance policy endorsements onto an existing homeowners policy from our firm or help you get a stand-alone policy to protect your property.

  • Vandalism coverage: Graffiti and intentional damage to the vacant home.
  • Named peril coverage: Losses from mentioned perils (hail and hurricane damage).
  • Total loss coverage: The total cost of replacing the residential property.
  • Partial loss coverage: Partial replacement for the damaged areas of the home.
  • Liability coverage: Bodily injury and property damage sustained by others while on the property or within the home.

Among the most prevalent concerns for residential property owners when selecting a vacant home insurance policy is vandalism, theft, and water damage. For the best policy that provides effective coverage to your vacant or unoccupied property, contact our insurance company today.

Tips To Keep Your Vacant Home Safe

To help facilitate the protection offered by a vacant home insurance policy from King Insurance, practice the following tips to ensure protection to your property as much as possible. These types of homeowner-performed protections can also facilitate savings on vacant home insurance policies. For more information about how to keep potential harm from your vacant home, contact our agents.

  • Maintain an up-to-date vacant home insurance policy
  • Have an activated home security system
  • Schedule regular property inspections
  • Practice seasonal home maintenance and upkeep
  • Avoid leaving signs of an empty property (don’t let mail pile up)
  • Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to watch out for suspicious activity

Unoccupied House Insurance Costs

Unoccupied property insurance is typically more expensive than traditional homeowners insurance policies due to the increased risk of the property being unoccupied and unmonitored on a regular basis. There are a number of specific factors which affect the costs of unoccupied and  vacant home insurance policy, which include the following.

  • Length of vacancy: Typically, the shorter the duration of the vacancy, the lower the risk of the property sustaining damage. Thus, the lower the cost of the insurance premium.
  • Cause of vacancy: Properties that are vacant due to renovations or medical emergencies by the owner have a lower insurance premium than properties with no future plans for occupancy.
  • Security systems: Vacant properties with active security systems may enjoy the benefit of a discount on their insurance premium.
  • Property conditions: Generally, the better the property condition, the lower the cost of a vacant home insurance policy.
  • Multi-policy discount: Multiple policies or additions to a current policy may result in lower costs for premiums.
  • Neighborhood or location: Close proximity to high-crime neighborhoods or areas may increase the cost of a vacant home insurance policy.
  • Fair market value (FMV): Properties with higher FMV may be more expensive to insure due to higher potential replacement costs.

How To Get A Price Quote For Vacant Home Insurance

Not all vacant home insurance plans may offer the benefits you require for your residential property. That’s why King Insurance works alongside homeowners and property owners to construct individualized policies which cater to their specific needs, including personal umbrella insurance and scheduled property insurance. We can help ensure that you receive the level of coverage required for your vacant or unoccupied property and that you are always met with responsive customer assistance. For a fast and free price quote for vacant home insurance, contact King Insurance today!

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