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Insurance For Arborists

King Insurance Partners provides insurance to arborists in Gainesville, Ocala, Tampa, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, and surrounding areas.

Arborists and landscapers are part of a specialized industry with unique dangers and liabilities that require specialized insurance coverage. Here at King Insurance Partners, we offer comprehensive business insurance plans to protect your landscaping or arborist business from liabilities and damages through various coverage options. At our insurance agency, we’re committed to helping business owners keep their companies and employees safe by providing insurance plans that provide coverage from top to bottom. Contact our insurance company today to learn more about our landscaping insurance or to request a free, no-obligation quote.

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What Kind Of Business Needs Arborist Insurance?

Between working at great heights in the tree tops and operating dangerous tools and equipment, arborists and landscapers work in a high-liability environment. Whether you have a tree pruning business or offer shrub trimming services to local parks, it’s essential to have coverage in place. You should consider getting landscaper insurance if your company provides the following services.

Types Of Insurance For Arborist & Landscaping Businesses

An arborist needs specialized insurance tailored to their business. Regulations need to be adhered to, tools and equipment need to be covered, trees may need to be replaced, mishaps may cause property damage or bodily harm, and more. The following are some common insurance coverages that can help protect arborist and landscaping businesses.

Liability Coverage

In the event of a lawsuit, King Insurance Partners’s general liability coverage can help protect business assets from claims of negligence, personal injury, libel, slander, errors, omissions, and more. Since accidents can happen on the job, liability insurance is a crucial form of coverage for landscaping businesses to secure.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial automobile insurance helps cover the vehicles a business owns, rents, leases, and borrows, whether on the road or off. In addition to providing vehicle coverage, this kind of insurance protects your company’s drivers.

Property Coverage

A general liability policy will not cover any damage to your business property. A commercial property insurance policy comes in handy in this situation. Property insurance covers all the physical parts of your business, including your building, inventory, and equipment, which gives you the assurance you can replace them in case of loss.

Inland Marine Coverage

An arborist’s equipment is the backbone of their business. Inland marine coverage protects arborists’ tools and equipment, including coverage for things like chainsaws, chippers, cranes, and more.

Workmanship Error

Human error happens on occasion, and it’s important to be prepared for those occasions. A workmanship error policy can cover the costs of repairing or replacing trees, lawns, and plants damaged or destroyed during a job.

Umbrella Coverage

In the case that worse comes to worst, umbrella coverage can be used to increase a business’s liability protections when a lawsuit maxes out the limits over a company’s underlying coverage.

How Much Does Arborist Insurance Cost?

The exact cost of arborist business insurance will be calculated based on several factors. Your specialized plan’s cost is also influenced by the number of policies and add-ons you choose. Get the coverage your arborist business or landscaping company needs by contacting King Insurance Partners today to discuss your specific needs and concerns.

Our Insurance Agents

A comprehensive list of carriers enables our agents to design an insurance policy tailored to your business’s specific needs. If you’re interested in learning more about our landscaping and arborist business insurance or other business insurance plans, don’t hesitate to contact our insurance company today to speak with one of our experienced insurance agents!

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